My excitement for the new series of Doctor Who sparked two AUs. One based on the episode 1 trailer and the other on the prequel, The Doctor’s Meditation. The Gallifreyan Tearheart is based on the former and is turning out to be longer than I had originally anticipated. Thus only chapter 1 is published for […]

The Dragon Tempest offers a collection of short stories in a variety of fantasy genres, including dark, light, adventure, and epic. Creatures from all worlds abound: dragons, angels, centaurs, witches, gods and goddesses, and those lurking below the water’s surface. Whether you’re moved by tales of battle and bloodshed, suspense, humor, or enlightenment, The Dragon […]

I would like to say “Thank you” to Louise Findlay for allowing me to do a guest post on her blog Writing Fantasy By: D.B. Mauldin The Fantasy Genre is a huge niche with a large variety of readers. It is a free form of writing. Fantasy allows the writer to use his/her imagination and […]

This funny little piece kept urging to be written so I eventually gave in and it’s my Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #14 piece. If you could turn your favourite film into a television series, write the pilot episode or a story based on the pilot. How exactly did Frank grow that plant in RED? He […]

Review PAWS is a great tale about shapeshifters, animagi and werewolves. I would say it would be enjoyed the most at the 7-9 age bracket. It’s not an action-packed thriller but instead tells an interesting story about the characters which makes you turn page after page. There’s some great world-building which combines both real and […]

A little micro fiction piece wrote for Mel’s Writing Menagerie #12. Write a piece of micro fiction; a story that would fit on a postcard. Your theme is love. Frank decides which woman he loves. Will he pick best friend and fellow operative, Tare (Victoria’s sister) or Sarah, his newfound love? Frank   Sarah or […]

 The land beyond The Forest of Ferrês belongs to the kyres mortal enemies the twin-tailed foxes. Standing on the borders DarkDeath will have to plunge into the unknown to save his adventurous pup. Will he be able to find Digger and make it out alive? The battle to protect his own will be tested when […]

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