Suicide Is For Mortals Book Cover

Scroll down to the bottom to find out how you can win awesome prizes in the Suicide Is For Mortals Book Contest “A vampire, a fairy and a ghost all climb into an ambulance…” Description If life is a funny thing, death has a wicked sense of humor. President Miranda Hutchinson orchestrated the dissolution of […]

Liebster Award

I was nominated by Renee for the Liebster Award so thanks for that. Questions How many books (on average) do you read each year? God knows. A lot. What’s your zodiac sign? Pisces. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement in life? I don’t know. Writing seriously, maybe? If you could visit any […]

Shadow Stalker Episode 7 Blitz Banner

If you subscribe to Renee’s mailing list, you get this brilliant episode for free Synopsis Auren escapes the Dark Isle to find things are worse on Appolia than she imagined. Very few have survived the invasion of the Galvadi Empire, and even her best friend, Jade, has gone missing. While attempting a rescue, Auren […]


    Synopsis Cathnor has been arrested by the Council of Elders and everything is out of control on the Dark Isle. As the future Foramar of the shadow stalkers, Kado is determined to return to his village and help his people, but he won’t risk Auren being captured. On their way back to the […]

Renee's Author Spotlight Banner

The Rogue’s Odyssey now has an author spotlight. Fellow author, Renee Scattergood (who you may know from her Shadow Stalker series) has a blog where she provides spotlights for indie authors. Check out her promotional piece she did for me to celebrate the release day of The Rogue’s Odyssey. Like this:Like Loading…


Read on to find out how to win a signed paperback copy of Renee Scattergood’s latest book, Demon Hunt Interview Louise: Do you find it hard to keep track of what happens in every episode so you don’t contradict yourself? Renee: Yes. Yes I do. Now that I’m using Scrivener I’m trying to work out […]

The Rogue’s Odyssey promoted at Dragon Knight Chronicles, run by Kathryn Jenkins who designed the cover. Like this:Like Loading…

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