Finally, it’s time to put the escape plan into action. Auren is relieved when the security system goes down as Makari promised. On her way to Shai’s cell, she learns the Galvadi suspect she is a shadow stalker, and they are on their way to her cell to test her. When they find it empty, […]

This little piece I wrote after reading J.A.5.M.1.N.3’s Rejection fits perfectly to the prompt for Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #7. Write a scene which highlights an unexpected connection between two or more of your favourite characters in film, television, or literature. Based on J.A.5.M.1.N.3’s Rejection. Frank has become depressed because of Stella’s continued rejections. Why exactly […]

The latest installment of If She Said Yes just happens to align with Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #6 “Write a fight scene between two of your favourite characters from film, television or literature” An AU version of Free Runner where Stella isn’t going to let anything come between Frank and his planned date for her. […]

A fanfiction piece I wrote for Mel’s Writing Menagrie #5 “Write a scene with one of your favourite characters from film or television” Operation Mongoose 4×21 + 4×22 AU. For Regina the cruellest thing was to have had hope in the past and then have it ripped away from you. Regina’s worst nightmare is her […]

It is my great pleasure to announce that The Dragon Tempest is finally released. Contained within its pages is a short story of mine, Challenging a Demon: Idiot Number 73,854. Read on to find out how you can snag it and other great fantasy tales. The Dragon Tempest offers a collection of short stories in […]

Melissa Barker Simpson’s The Fallen is available to pre-order now. You may have already read the prequel to the Fractured series, The Contract in the double book anthology, Changing Worlds (and if you haven’t I definitely recommend it) and if you had, you’ll be craving this next installment in the brilliant series. After the Demonic […]

A fanfiction piece I wrote for Mel’s Writing Menagrie #4 “Write an alternative ending to one of your favourite films or television shows” Smash the Mirror 4×08 AU. Regina couldn’t exactly leave the equivalent of a magical walking explosion just waiting to happen. No. She had a duty to fix the irritating Charming’s mess. She […]

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